To promote and safeguard the interests and privileges of Thoroughbred Racehorse Owners



      (a) To promote membership of the Federation to thoroughbred racehorse owners within New Zealand.
      (b) Generally, to take all necessary steps to promote, develop, maintain and safeguard the interests, rights and privileges of thoroughbred racehorse owners.
      c) To review all matters relating to or arising from legislation; to consider existing statutes and their effects on owners; to originate and promote such beneficial amendments as may from time to time be found.
      (d) To represent the general interests of all thoroughbred racehorse owners in discussions with other racing industry organisations.
      (e) To promote and facilitate activities between owners at a provincial, island and national inter area association levels
      (f) To make submissions, policies or comments on any legislation law reform, report, document or proposal affecting the interests of thoroughbred racehorse owners and the racing industry generally.
      (g) To do such things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of such objects.



  • Relationship Management & Partnering
  • Owners’ Race-day Experience.
  • Monitoring expenses associated with racehorse ownership


  • Relationship Management
    1. Maintain an ongoing level of engagement with all thoroughbred owners;
    2. Create meaningful partnerships with NZTR, Clubs and other stakeholders for the betterment of thoroughbred racing in general;
    3. Revamp and revitalise our website as a knowledge and communication hub that is easy to navigate and a ‘one stop shop’ in the future; and
    4. Rebrand who we are!


  • Owners Race-Day Experience
  1. Work with NZTR and Clubs to improve and standardise the owner experience on Race-Day;
  2. Ownership card, ownership lounges; and
  3. NZTR Racing Ownership Project Focus Group.


  • Abolish Nominations and Acceptance Fees
  1. Maiden through to Listed;
  2. Nom fees for Group Races only;
  3. Increased revenue needs to address reducing owner costs rather than just increasing stakes; and
  4. NZTR reduces its bad debt owed by owners!


You can download a copy of the NZTROF Constitution here for a detailed overview of who we are and how we operate.