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Manawatu Thoroughbred Racehorse Owners’ Association

The Manawatu Branch of the Thoroughbred Racehorse Owners’ Association covers Manawatu, Kapiti Coast, Wellington and Wairarapa. Our Committee meets every month and our meetings are also attended by committee members of the Central Districts Breeders’ Association.

The Association has contributed strongly over recent years and made submissions on all of the recent important national issues. Through our Secretary, Allan Fenwick, we are in excellent communication with the National Federation and regularly express our views and suggestions to the national body.

Majestic Horse Points Series
The current racing season is the fifth where we have conducted a Points Series for the joint memberships of our Association and the Central District Breeders’ Association. This series has proved popular and is based on a format initially introduced by the Central South Island Association.

The 2022/23 Season winner is Bradman (44 points), owned by John Roache - who was also 6th equal with Town Cryer (27 points).
The 2021/22 Season winner was Kick On owned by Philippa and Sam Trotter.
The 2020/21 Season Points Series was won by Deerfield, owned by Tony Bambry, Judith Bambry, Samantha Finnegan & Chrissy Bambry (trained by Chrissy Bambry).  

Final Points Leaders for 2022-2023 racing season

  Points Name Owner/s
1st 44 Bradman John Roache
2nd 43 Deerfield Judith Bambry
3rd 37 Royal Flower Stan Alexander & Gail Temperton
4th 33 Maryweka John Macmillan / Les & Janine Wallace
5th 31 Subtle Tease Roger Parkinson
6th= 27 Kick On Sam & Philippa Trotter
  27 Town Cryer

John Roache

8th= 26 Pennyweka John Macmillan / Les & Janine Wallace
  26 Subtle Point Roger Parkinson
10th 25 Yolo Sam & Philippa Trotter

Click here for a PDF file of the full list of latest results down to 20th place. 

Entry for this series is open to named horses owned (any percentage ownership share) by financial members of the association. If requested, proof of ownership must be provided.

For full information about the Points Series, click here.  Contact Secretary Allan Fenwick for more information.

We look forward to welcoming new members to our region!


President: Mark Verran

Vice President: Kevin Tod

Secretary & NZTROF Delegate: Allan Fenwick

Reserve Delegate: Mark Varran


  • Stan Alexander
  • Cam Arnott
  • Michael Collinson
  • John Creaven
  • Mark Fearon
  • Trevor Latimer
  • Danny Madden
  • Charlie Rose
  • Peter Tennant
  • Barbara Tennant

Contact: Allan Fenwick (Secretary)

Ph: 021 555 954

P O Box 204, Marton 4741


  • S A C Darby
  • A B Moleta (Tony)
  • Jack W Barber
  • Scott Harkness
  • Jim Willson
  • Jim Watson
  • Michael Collinson (Immediate Past President)