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Membership Overview

Racehorse Owners are the backbone of the racing industry, incurring significant cost to purchase and prepare horses for racing.

It is essential that Owners are well represented by an independent body that seeks to maximize their returns - financial, social and overall enjoyment.

NZTROF is a national organisation, with Regional Associations throughout the country.

We work to make ownership a satisfying and streamlined experience.

No matter where you are located or the scale of your ownership, joining the Federation is easy and worthwhile.

Becoming a member of NZTROF is a great way to keep up to date on all things racing, as well as connect with others who enjoy racing ownership as much as you do.

Join NZTROF today to:

Enjoy the benefits offered by our organisation;

Enrich your involvement in the industry we all love;

Share the thrill.


NZTROF Membership Benefits


As a racehorse owner, there are a number of benefits you will enjoy as a member of the Thoroughbred Racehorse Owners Federation.


  • We provide connectivity with the community of thoroughbred racehorse owners;
  • We provide a forum for owner-related issues to be raised, debated and communicated;
  • We act as an effective advocate for thoroughbred racehorse owners, having NZTR Board representation;
  • We publish newsletters and information of interest for thoroughbred racehorse owners;
  • Our membership cards are recognised at many racecourse venues around the country, providing complementary entry and privileges.





The Thoroughbred Racehorse Owners Federation has advocated for, and supported, many industry initiatives for the benefit of all racehorse owners, such as increased stakes, free nomination and acceptances and no jockey fees for Maiden, R70 and R80 races.

The Federation’s President, Bernard Hickey, is on the Members' Council and puts forward the voice of owners at all MC meetings. He worked hard behind the scenes during Covid-19 restrictions, advocating on behalf of owners.



It goes without saying that the relationship between owner and trainer is an important component of racehorse ownership. For new owners, choosing a trainer is an important step.

You can download Agreement to Train A Racehorse for more information.

Join the Thoroughbred Racehorse Owners Federation and support the voluntary organisation that is working for Owners.


NZTROF Membership Fees

Our Membership year runs 1st August to 31st July, aligned with the racing season.

$60 Single

$65 Dual (must be the same physical address)

This will be the smallest investment you make in racing - but possibly the best.