Hawke’s Bay

Welcome to …

Hawke’s Bay Thoroughbred Racehorse Owners’ Association

Our region covers Hawke’s Bay and Poverty Bay.

The HB Association runs an Awards Dinner in conjunction with the Hawke’s Bay Breeders’ Association.

We also hold a Members’ Day with the Breeders where the Owners’ Association supplies a meal for a nominal sum along with the Preferment Syndicate who host a dry till for two hours.

We also run a Bi-Monthly Trophy of $220.00 to be won by one of our members.

We look forward to welcoming new members to our region!

Bernard Hickey, President





President & NZTROF Delegate: Bernard Hickey - National President NZTROF and representative on Members Council

Vice President & Reserve Delegate: Lee Somervell

Secretary: Peter Johnstone (since 2007)

Committee Members:

  • Isobel Roddick
  • Lindsay McIntosh
  • Shirin Wood
  • Derek Hill

Past Presidents:

  • Tony Lyndon, 1989-2020
  • Graham McCormack
  • Brian A Murphy 1979
  • Bill Stevens

Henry Taylor was the Association’s Secretary for approximately 20 years, initially during the Presidency of Bill Stevens and then Tony Lyndon, who held the role of President for 31 years.

Peter Johnstone took over the role from Henry in 2007.

Contact: Peter Johnstone (Secretary)

Ph: 06 844 4889 sherwood_pj@hotmail.com